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Fire sense, Patio Heater charcoal grill

Fire sense, Patio Heater charcoal grillJapanese Handmade clay construction
* Adjustable ventilation
* Large cooking surface
Grill radiates heat, producing a juicier and more tender meal.
*  smoke-free
*warm the room
Lowest Price and top quality.
Price = $44.1
Best for home and other uses.


Some other benefits are:-

It gives you an authentic Smokey flavor to your food.

     best for winter season giving heat and warm the body

cooking with charcoal is a best healthy option.

Grilling foods can be a healthy alternative when prepared properly. Grilled foods, including those cooked on a charcoal grill, have less fat than foods cooked in a pan because the fat is able to drip away. Grilled foods can be seasoned with dry rubs that do not impart added fat from oils or dressings. Grilling itself also imparts additional flavor to the food that isn’t present when cooked indoors.

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FireSense commercial and residential Patio Heaters