how to choose your first domain name and get traffic

how to choose your first

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Hello everyone, today I m gonna share some of my knowledge from my experience that how to choose your first domain name and get traffic.

Most of the blogger had confused about choosing a new domain name for he or she first blog or website.After they have registered the domain name they got frustrated and saying “Ohh I have a big mistake what I can do” that’s the problem I gonna solved and share my thought with you today.

Here at this point I would like you to ask you a question about choosing your domain name:-

  1. Are you a businessman and want to open your website for selling your product?

  2. Are you a student and going to make a website for earning the money from the internet?

  3. Are you a specialist in some field and want to share your knowledge on your website

  4. Are you a professional like a doctor, computer engineer, teacher, lawyer, etc and on and want to share your thought?

choosing a domain name is very important for a new blogger for getting a traffic and it cannot change once you be careful at this time when you first choose your domain name for your new website because your domain name is the first thing to identifies you and your company, and most traffic.

At this point, I want to share my knowledge about choosing your domain name you must take your right decision before you registered or purchasing.

how to choose your first domain name and get traffic

  1. suppose for example if you are a maths teacher and you want to open a new website for sharing your maths formula into your blog then you can name your website as it seems right to the audience when they see your site they know it’s all about maths because you have a domain name maths teacher if your desired domain name is already registered by someone then you can name something like something like which is related to your subject.

  2. if you are a not specialized in any field and want to make money from the internet maybe you are students or a housewife, you can name as or you can write anything whatever you want what I am saying to you is just an example.

  3. if you are a professional and specialized in some field, for example, you are a doctor you can name as or

  4. if you want to open your website for shop..just name your shop name which people can easily know from the name.

Are you getting my point which I have written in the above statement? if you have any confusion you can give me a comment in the below.

ok anyway, you have taken your decision and registered your domain name for your new website.

For registration of domain name click on the image below: –

let us come to the point I don’t want to lose your valuable time. After registering your domain name how the visitors are coming to your site automatically from the Google search.

Q how the visitors are coming to your site from your domain name?

suppose when you search a keyword snapdeal in the google search box automatically you will get the result”” on the first page of google, here your keyword “snapdeal” is in the domain name because Google loves the exact match domain name so when your website domain name is same as the keyword people are searching from the Google your website come to the first page of the google and you will get more click from the user when they see your blog this is your first advantage of getting traffic from your visitors.

ok, let’s stop here for today if you have any doubt please comment in the below I’m happy to hear from you.

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