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Career in Fashion Designing -make your career in fashion designing

Fashion designing career

fashion designing career is one of the most interesting and exciting career options in today’s If you have the ability for creativity,style and originality,a career in fashion designing is the one  made for you.on the other hand,it promises glamour,fame,success and a high pay package to the talented people.

First of all to start a career in a fashion designing two types of qualification are required

1.Natural-: An eye for detail knowledge of fabrics,would comprise of a decent aesthetic sense,color expertise,good taste and sense of trends and fashion.

2.Need acquired  qualification from a recognized fashion institute.

you can enroll  a full-time course or a part time certification course.students usually take this up after their 10+2 level.
There are several short term course that offered by the same fashion institute. for super specialization on a part time basis these course equipped you with technical and creative thinking skills.

 short term course  are designed to offer learners opportunity to gain  knowledge skills and confidence to pursue career in their chosen profession. like illustration,pattern making,garments construction.these are the three months certificate course duration in a short period of time. and enabled the learners to develop core fundamental skills in apparel design in a practical and interactive manner.
and other short term course like:-

*advance certificate 6 months course.

  *1 year diploma in fashion technology.

 *full time course duration for four years like BSc ,M.Des-4 years(product design,visual communication,fashion design).

  1. M. Des-2 years(product design,commercial and retail design,rural production design,fashion design others Bsc in fashion business and retail management.


for ex-:Artistic ability,communication skills,computer knowledge like(cad)computer aided design and graphics editing software.
Annual salary for fashion designer in may 2014 was $64030. and some top industries are getting -management of companies and enterprises $80470,Apparel manufacturing-$67,080.
*apparel,piece goods and nation merchant wholesalers-$62,120
*specialized design service-57,020.

therefore to become a good fashion designers at least you need to complete bachelor degree in a related field.important qualities need in this field.

About fashion designing, fashion designer

about fashion designing,fashion designer

Fashion Designing is a simple the art of designing of clothing,lifestyle accessories,garments etc.why people love fashion because it can boost their self can also illustrate culture of a person or group of people.

Types of Fashion Designing

1. Apparel Fashion Designers

2 .Shoes Fashion Designers

3. Accessory Fashion Designers

4. Costume Designer

below are some example of  fashion Designer and studies about fashion trends,sketch designs and other production aspects of fashion designing.

The above four part are elaborate as below:-

1.Apparel Designers.:- taking care of clothing and costumes worn by the individuals around the world from street workers to the stars of Hollywood,bollywood  etc.

2.Shoes Designer:-  designing shoes for men,woman,children,babies etc.many shoe designer are self-employed,once the designer has an idea in mind,he will sketch the shoe by hand or computer-sided design.After the design is down on paper,the designer  create the shoe himself or send it to a manufacture company for sample,if he likes the sample,the shoe designer may produce only a few for a select stores or he will approve it for a mass production.

3.An Accessory Designer is generally responsible for developing and creating hats,belts,gloves,scarves and other items that will be used to compliment clothing apparels.Many accessories designer professionals start their carriers at home.This make accessory designing a very attractive field for young aspirant.

4.Costume Designer:- fashion professional work in theaters,film and television are tasked to develop wardrobes,footwear,accessories and other fashion apparels. They work closely with the directors,producers as well as with the costume design team to ensure that the costume that will be generated are precisely based on what the story,drama or script requires.costumes designer professional are primarily responsible for researching,designing,sewing and drawing costumes that will be used in movie,theaters and stage productions.

:-Therefore Every company that manufactures apparels,shoes accessories has a fashion designers working on them which make it a very rewarding career options.

interior designing, design corporate buildings, make career

interior design

interior design is a word all about improving the indoor and outdoor surroundings of a living or workplace to make their lives better.

*the task of the interior designer ranges from laying out simple dwellings,to designing significance corporate buildings.

*the role of the interior design work on a project begins when he or she is hired by an architect or developer.while many designers may be on-staff with architectural firms,others are independent business people who are hired on a project basis.first the designer will meet with the end users of the space.or their representative.they will attempt to understand how the space will be used.True interior designers are able to apply the science of human behavior to design a building that maximizes the ability of space to serve its intended function.They are most concerned with efficiency,functionality and safety.

*the importance of designing interiors help the people to learn a lot about the space and how people feel comfortable while being at specific place and using its also make people look at things around them in and open minded view.
Designers see things from different perspective due to their studies and work atmosphere and they give special attention to details.

fashion and you, fashion technology

fashion and you

fashion and you ,fashion industry has transitioned to becoming digital-centric. most retailers finally sailed through the first stage in e-commerce retailing by setting up visually appealing online version of stores integrating payment gateways and offering efficient delivery logistics.
over the next to years there are several areas where technology will help ease online discovery and conversions.Technology will make it easy for consumers to go from inspiration to purchase.Costumers see a lovely handbag at a party and technology will help them find it.they might an item but can’t afford it.there will be tools that can help then find something similar and economical.
technology will answer for question like :

*can i get a real time guidance on creating outfits from individual items?
*can wee solved the eternal question of what should i wear today?
*can i get a real time opinions from their friends whether something suits me?
*can a fashion guru help me style every day?

fashion and you ,fashion  technology is leading to some very interesting possibilities.
*computer vision as a technology is not new in fashion industry but it is finally going mainstream with heavy weights using visual search in their apps and website.visual search use color,shape,size and proportions to find a similar items.this offers an advantage over keyword matched search in which results are only as good as the searchers ability to describe an item.
Retailers are experiencing increased click through an ROI’s are driving rapid adoption of this technology.

fashion and you, a large part of this transformation can be attributed to the advancements in the technology which has helped push through some of the most significance changes in the fashion industries,redefining the way brands communicate and connections with the customers,forcing fashion companies to rethink the format and purpose of their runways shows and restructure how they sell their collections.
As technology continues to change the way consumers buy products and view fashion colleges will need to rethink how they teach their students to interact with technology in their day-to-day work practices from 3d printing to using universal design software to sketch directly. for example one area in which fashion design integrates technology incredibly well is print design where students learn to work with the latest processes in digital print like a high tech dying room and digital dying vats,alongside traditional methods like screen printing.
Student will need to understand how digital impacts their industries from production to marketing,especially as business models shift to faster production times to meet consumers needs.And the need for fashion student to have a more comprehensive understanding of digital technologies and production methods is essential.
So fashion and technology opened the gateway in the future for a successful and realistic life.

Fashion industry, fashion developed industries around the world

fashion industry

Although the fashion industry develop first in Europe and america as of 2015,it is and international and highly globalized industry with clothing often designed in one country,manufactured in another and sold worldwide.for example an American fashion company might source fabrics in china and have the clothes manufactured in vietnam,finish in italy and and shipped to a warehouse in the united states for distribution to retail outlets internationally.the fashion industry has long been on of the largest employers in the united states and it remains so in the 21st century.However u.s employment declined cosiderably as production increasingly moved overseas especially to china.because data on the fashion industry typically are reported for national economies and expressed in terms of the industries.they are consist of four level.

1.the production of raw materials,principally fibres and but also leather and fur.
2.the production of fashion goods by designers,manufacturers,contractors and others.
3.retail sales
4.various form of avertising and and promotion.

However social media is transforming the fashion industry.this newfound authority that social media has completely transformed the fashion industry,but how have these technology growths impacted fashion in important ways,social media has an overpowering affect on the fashion industries form a business angle and also on a worldwide scale,but how does it impact us?
In the 21st century creation strong growth is fashion industry in social media development has provided platforms to build form and has a profound,even empowering affect from a business stand point and it affects what we wear in the future.
Social media has one of the largest and widely used form of advertising in the 21st century and some of the most popular platform for advertising fashion product like in instagram,facebook.twitter,youtube etc..changed the fashion industry and given that such a new platform.
Models now don’t need to be signed with a big name company all they need to do is have a substanial amount of followers and they will start to see the job roll in getting the followers for this kind of people is easy.they are famous and already have fans so when they open the social media account the fans follow them without hesitation.

However social media has really some great positive and negative too,for example research has shown that the younger generation feel a lot of pressure to look act an be as much as like the celebrities that they are seeing on the social media.these in resulting in young girls suffering from a negative mindsets toward their bodies and themselves in general.but now the young teen are having photos of perfect models shoved in front of them no matter where they look these make the younger girls feels like they need to look that way because that is what society considered to be perfect.this is also the teen feeling self concious about the way they look but also feeling the need to spend more and more money on clothing and jewellery so that they can wear the high end brands that the social media stars are promoting.these is the negative feeling for the younger generation.

However on the other hand there is also a great positive bringing of social media in the fashion industry’For the fashion brands the way they set out very easy for potential customers to become loyal with one click of a finger the product transported automatically like online shopping and it is easy to get purchase their product with the help of social media channels.