fashion and you, fashion technology

fashion and you

fashion and you, the fashion industry has transitioned to becoming digital-centric. most retailers finally sailed through the first stage in e-commerce retailing by setting up visually appealing online version of stores integrating payment gateways and offering efficient delivery logistics.
over the next to years, there are several areas where technology will help ease online discovery and conversions.Technology will make it easy for consumers to go from inspiration to purchase.Costumers see a lovely handbag at a party and technology will help them find it.they might an item but can’t afford it.there will be tools that can help then find something similar and economical.
technology will answer question like :

*can I get a real-time guidance on creating outfits from individual items?
*can wee solved the eternal question of what should I wear today?
*can I get a real-time opinion from their friends whether something suits me?
*can a fashion guru help me style every day?

fashion and you, fashion technology is leading to some very interesting possibilities.
*computer vision as a technology is not new in the fashion industry but it is finally going mainstream with heavy weights using visual search in their apps and website.visual search uses color, shape, size, and proportions to find similar items.this offers an advantage over keyword matched search in which results are only as good as the searcher’s ability to describe an item.
Retailers are experiencing increased click through an ROI’s are driving rapid adoption of this technology.

fashion and you, a large part of this transformation can be attributed to the advancements in the technology which has helped push through some of the most significance changes in the fashion industries,redefining the way brands communicate and connections with the customers, forcing fashion companies to rethink the format and purpose of their runways shows and restructure how they sell their collections.
As technology continues to change the way consumers buy products and view fashion colleges will need to rethink how they teach their students to interact with technology in their day-to-day work practices from 3d printing to using universal design software to sketch directly. for example, one area in which fashion design integrates technology incredibly well is the print design where students learn to work with the latest processes in digital print like a high tech dying room and digital dying vats, alongside traditional methods like screen printing.
The student will need to understand how digital impacts their industries from production to marketing, especially as business models shift to faster production times to meet consumers needs.And the need for fashion student to have a more comprehensive understanding of digital technologies and production methods is essential.
So fashion and technology opened the gateway in the future for a successful and realistic life.

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