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Fashion designing career

fashion designing career is one of the most interesting and exciting career options in today’s If you have the ability for creativity,style and originality,a career in fashion designing is the one  made for you.on the other hand,it promises glamour,fame,success and a high pay package to the talented people.

First of all to start a career in a fashion designing two types of qualification are required

1.Natural-: An eye for detail knowledge of fabrics,would comprise of a decent aesthetic sense,color expertise,good taste and sense of trends and fashion.

2.Need acquired  qualification from a recognized fashion institute.

you can enroll  a full-time course or a part time certification course.students usually take this up after their 10+2 level.
There are several short term course that offered by the same fashion institute. for super specialization on a part time basis these course equipped you with technical and creative thinking skills.

 short term course  are designed to offer learners opportunity to gain  knowledge skills and confidence to pursue career in their chosen profession. like illustration,pattern making,garments construction.these are the three months certificate course duration in a short period of time. and enabled the learners to develop core fundamental skills in apparel design in a practical and interactive manner.
and other short term course like:-

*advance certificate 6 months course.

  *1 year diploma in fashion technology.

 *full time course duration for four years like BSc ,M.Des-4 years(product design,visual communication,fashion design).

  1. M. Des-2 years(product design,commercial and retail design,rural production design,fashion design others Bsc in fashion business and retail management.


for ex-:Artistic ability,communication skills,computer knowledge like(cad)computer aided design and graphics editing software.
Annual salary for fashion designer in may 2014 was $64030. and some top industries are getting -management of companies and enterprises $80470,Apparel manufacturing-$67,080.
*apparel,piece goods and nation merchant wholesalers-$62,120
*specialized design service-57,020.

therefore to become a good fashion designers at least you need to complete bachelor degree in a related field.important qualities need in this field.

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