About fashion designing, fashion designer

about fashion designing,fashion designer

Fashion Designing is a simple the art of designing of clothing, lifestyle accessories, garments etc.why people love fashion because it can boost their self-esteem.it can also illustrate the culture of a person or group of people.

Types of Fashion Designing

1. Apparel Fashion Designers

2 .Shoe Fashion Designers

3. Accessory Fashion Designers

4. Costume Designer

below are some example of fashion Designer and studies about fashion trends, sketch designs and other production aspects of fashion designing.

The above four-part are elaborate as below:-

1.Apparel Designers.:- taking care of clothing and costumes worn by the individuals around the world from street workers to the stars of Hollywood, Bollywood etc.

2.Shoe Designer:-  designing shoes for men, woman, children, babies etc.many shoe designer are self-employed, once the designer has an idea in mind, he will sketch the shoe by hand or computer-aided design.After the design is down on paper, the designer create the shoe himself or send it to a manufacturing company for a sample, if he likes the sample, the shoe designer may produce only a few for select stores or he will approve it for a mass production.

3.An Accessory Designer is generally responsible for developing and creating hats, belts, gloves, scarves and other items that will be used to compliment clothing apparels.Many accessories designer professionals start their carriers at home.This makes accessory designing a very attractive field for a young aspirant.

4.Costume Designer:- fashion professional work in theaters, film, and television are tasked to develop wardrobes, footwear, accessories and other fashion apparels. They work closely with the directors, producers as well as with the costume design team to ensure that the costume that will be generated is precisely based on what the story, drama or script requires.costumes designer professionals are primarily responsible for researching, designing, sewing and drawing costumes that will be used in movie, theaters and stage productions.

:-Therefore Every company that manufactures apparels, shoe accessories has fashion designers working on them which make it a very rewarding career options.

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