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interior design

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interior design is a word all about improving the indoor and outdoor surroundings of a living or workplace to make their lives better.

*the task of the interior designer ranges from laying out simple dwellings to designing significance corporate buildings.

*the role of the interior design work on a project begins when he or she is hired by an architect or developer.while many designers may be on-staff with architectural firms, others are independent business people who are hired on a project basis.first, the designer will meet with the end users of the space.or their representative.they will attempt to understand how space will be used.True interior designers are able to apply the science of human behavior to design a building that maximizes the ability of space to serve its intended function.They are most concerned with efficiency, functionality, and safety.

*the importance of designing interiors help the people to learn a lot about the space and how people feel comfortable while being at a specific place and using its also make people look at things around them in an open-minded view.
Designers see things from a different perspective due to their studies and work atmosphere and they give special attention to details.

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